Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have never been so challenged in my my working life..I have kids, I am challenged everyday... Building an online store is not for the weak, the frustrated, the normal human being. I fit into all the previous categories (i think)...I the past two weeks I have built and dismantled 3 full on stores..only to get to the final step and they only allow US currency shopping..not for us!..or you can only add one thing to the cart..sooo not good for business...and the one before the last had no technical support phone number...NONE! how do you call and ask "how the hell do I do this or that???" i have a lot of charges and refunds on my credit card...but I didn't give up (advice to all. give up.hire someone....) and we have a sort of store online..but it is not full of all our wonderful stuff works if you are so inclined to shop!..but you will not get the total variety of things yet...I will be adding stuff everyday until we have shown you all we can!!!! We are soooo excited! so stay tuned as they say...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ukee Baby Goes Virtual

So, exciting news everyone! I hopped online last night to check out the state of our website and found somebody had been setting up online shopping! Ange has been battling with Yahoo, Paypal, Google and all of the above, hell bent to get us selling online. Its still in its infancy stages, and I am sure Ange is asking herself why she signed up for this, but its real- Ukee Baby will be able to sell online soon:) Or maybe a little later. . . stay tuned for more updates- and Ange's version from the trenches of cyber space.