Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This is one of our new dolls from Manhattan Toys..her name is Stella...she is sooooo soft and safe for kids to play with. Her soother comes on and off easily as it has a magnet inside of it!

Where has the time gone!

SO it has been a while since the last post!! So much to update you all on!..especially Hanna's Grandpa who checks this site faithfully!!!
Since August...
Hanna and I have both had a break while the other worked! So nice!!!...We have cleared out our summer stuff and brought in all the fall clothes, and new toys to fill the store for the holidays!!
Evabelle turned three years old!! She has been playing with her Plan Toys dollhouse and convertible car!...It's very very cool!!
We have had many new changes in the store....we introduced a new line of toys called Manhattan Toys..they have beautiful dolls and really neat creative toys for babies to five year olds..I am posting some pictures of what we have!!
We have also finally gotten the internet at the store!!! Woohoo!..this means we can soon have our store online for all our faraway friends and fans!!

Hanna and I also had the pleasure of travelling to the Mainland and shopping for our spring-summer 2009 line...and we are getting funky!!! Wait till you see the punk rocking onesies coming soon!!! and we are getting O'Neil for kids in as well!! surfer babies!!