Monday, March 24, 2008

Ahoy Maties!

This is the mural on the inside of the kids area...though you can't tell from the is covered in glitter....Neveah saw it yesterday and said she liked it is kid approved!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

So the local paper ~The Westerly~ came out today and Angila and I both (in different households) did a little dance when we saw the full back page color spread about Ukee Baby! Very exciting for both of us. After a quick oogle of the article it was back to renos for the two of us. Our bathroom has gone from green (or more like sick pistachio) to white and now back to green (but a much nicer green). There are shelves on the walls (although the walls have a few more drill holes than were necessary- I was learning the value of a stud finder) and last thing to do now are the coat racks- well and then clean, stock the shelves, catalogue inventory, program the cash register. . . so there are a few more things to do.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Giving old garage sale coat hangers a new lease on life

We love this thing!

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Hanna staining the front counter~ Johns late night creation

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The picture doesnt do it justice but the window sill is a beautiful piece of old log John planed and sanded- thanks to his 'Sound Surfing' days

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our Interview

Hanna and I were interviewed by the local paper today..very exciting for us...and they even took a photo of us working hard!!...It should be in next Thursday's it only comes out once a week!....The front of the store is coming together...and Hanna's hubby brought us his counter top which he has been trading surf hours to create...thanks John!...

The 'to do' list. . . on a slab of drywall!

Justin shingling the front facade

Shingles up Close ~ oohhh ahhhhh

Hanna's picket fence for the kids play area
Finally- no more pistachio green!

The before photo~ OUCH!

Johnny and Justin hard at work putting in a new window.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Furniture is IN

Hanna and I finally hauled the furniture in today! the fun begins...what goes where...and does this look good there...?...We are finishing up some more projects this weekend with a break for Chowder Fest on Sunday...

Reno Queens

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Santa Johnny comes to town!

Johnny's truck of goodies

Two-two is ukee baby's mascot..thanks to my brother's late night artistic endeavours

our pile of tools
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Coming Soon

Hanna and I are thrilled at the amount of progress we have made...this past weekend my brother came all the way from Maple Ridge to help with reno's...he ripped out the toilet..tiled the bathroom, installed a new door...linoleumed the kids area...built a fence...and left lots of goodies for us to use..all in a days work..thanks Johnny!....
Hanna and I keep crossing things off our list (which is written on a slab of drywall...)..we are sick of renovations..and want to get the fun stuff unloading the boxes from storage...we are getting closer everyday...
we actually have a phone number that works 726-GAGA (Hanna's brilliance, and determination)
so keep checking the blog for updates..and soon so help me our website will actually 72 hours...if I can just figure out how to host it...

Ange the drywall queen. . .