Thursday, February 14, 2008

It All Began

On a warm summer day in August...Hanna was visiting Angila...and they started to mommies do, the conversation was dominated by kids,parenting,toys and what we like and don't like...We both didn't like all the recent toy recalls...and the fact that we had many of the toys recalled. We both liked the fact that some companies were making organic, or safe toys for kids...but we didn't like that we had to travel so far to find them..or pay for shipping to have them sent to our remote we casually decided to open a store in Ucluelet....Six months, one business plan, three patient children,two understanding husbands later...Ukee Baby is about to be born!....As of tomorrow (February 15th) we receive the keys to our brick and mortar store..and the renovations will begin!!!