Sunday, April 20, 2008


Though we will never end celebrating our store, we can finally say the grand opening, first day jitters are over...we have opened twice now, and both times were a huge success...with the odd glitch...I locked my keys in the store the night before the grand opening..which I was a trip (seems like a trip) from my house to hanna's in the morning somehow threw me for a loop...when I arrived to open, one of my helium balloons popped and scared a lady on the street and we both I brought the balloons in...then of course my first customer (thankfully a friend, who also made the cake..) discovered a pricing glitch on swimsuits, and then the debit machine didn't work, because I accidently unplugged it....and this is only ten minutes into opening..I had called hanna three times by now...and then the ticker tape ran out..and so did my staples..I called hanna again...but told her not to come in until her scheduled time (a few hours later)...thankfully she reads minds and arrived in 20 minutes to rescue the store...and me...I think I just needed more coffee at this point....we were slammed all day...and thankfully had time for a staff meeting at 7pm including some celebration sushi and the rest of the cake...mmmmmm....
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The First Week

Sorry no new picture to go with the story...We have completed the first week! yahoo!...We managed to get more press (picture to come)..and we have been very busy. Hanna and I have only lost power twice...but at least we have a float....We have been welcomed by the community with very high praise and compliments...many people have asked where were we two or three years ago!...and they all think the store is pretty (which really feels good considering the reno's) we are gearing up for the grand opening this Saturday (19th) with giveaways and other wonderful hopefully I will get some new pictures then...I have also updated the website...

Saturday, April 5, 2008


So I arrived at the store at 9:10am and Hanna was already inside I lured her outside for a photo (coming soon)... and we were off...we were greeted by our first customers from Tofino..(who made the 1/2 hour drive!) and landed a crisp one dollar bill to frame(curtousy of my hubby who gave my friend from Tofino the bill to buy with)...thanks Krys and Jon... Hanna and I were doing well until our next customer handed us a 50 dollar bill...and simultaneously we both realized that we had no money in the cash register, and not even a thought that we would need cash up until that in the we had an emergency staff meeting under the counter (literally) and went through our wallets so as to appear prepared once we stood back up..luckily we made it...we then calmly gave change and called Jon to go to the bank asap....but spent the rest of the day in amazement that we forgot this major detail...but the store looked pretty!!! so that saved us...So many of our friends came down to support us ~with their kids who loved the play area..though one little one got stuck in the toy basket...she was eventually rescued after her mommy and me took pictures of her predicament...we also served up some yummy tea and enjoyed all of the mommy conversation that was buzzing about the store all day.....So thanks to all our dear friends, the local mommies, our children who miss us, our partners who love us, our parents who raised us and of course to Hanna I say thanks sister for walking through this crazy renovationed journey to rock!

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Official!

Hanna and I got the signage today and actually had to turn a few customers away since we aren't open until 10:30 am saturday.....tomorrow...we are going in tonight to finalize everything and dust....we can't stay away.....more details tomorrow on how things go!!! thanks to all who made our dream possible!!!!
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Are we Finally Done???

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Ready to Shop?

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Final Touches

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Sign Says....

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Saturday is the Day

No April Fool's Joke...We open this Saturday!....enjoy the pictures below to tease you a little as to what we have in store...we just got three new boxes of toys today.....

Just some teasers...

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