Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Toys!!!

Sprig Eco-Trucks are loads of fun. Can you dig it?

Digging, loading and dumping. That’s a tried-and-true formula for dirt pile and sandbox fun that we simply won’t mess with. Sprig Eco-Trucks are fully equipped with flip-open cabs and easy-grab handles, making each freewheeling vehicle inviting and a cinch to maneuver.

The scooping action and rotating chassis of the Excavator turns serious digging into child’s play. The Loader does the trio’s heavy lifting, and the Dump Truck gets the job done with its tilting cab, locking bed and swing-out tailgate.

The playful, cartoon-like designs of our chunky vehicles make them irresistible to preschoolers, and parents love the eco-friendly, battery-free, kid-powered construction. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Rex Jungle is ready to roll! Join this fearless guide on a fantastic dinosaur fueled adventure. This eco-friendly playset features

Kids are building, growing and powering their imaginations with Sprig’s eco-friendly toys. Smell the woodshop scent. Take ‘em for an adventure to places around the world and say bye-bye boring couch. Hello active fun!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Updates for August

Ergo Baby Carriers are here, in black or camel...come try one on!

We have welcomed a new worker at ukee baby.!!! Ashley will take over in September full time and is covering my shifts this month. Welcome to the store Ashley!!!

We are also starting to get our new fall arrivals for clothes....soon to be putting in our Christmas Toy order!!! so soon....

I am off on maternity leave and Hanna will join me in September...we plan paint the front of the store as soon as the sun comes back...we are also taking on the adventure of creating our own line of products...stay tuned for this...we are super excited...and realizing this was one of the reasons we wanted to have the store.

We still have super sales on right now...50% off most kids summer clothes
See Kai Runs and boots all on sale until they are gone!
Ergo carriers arrived last week